About Us

Suzhou Rhine Elevator Manufacture Co., Ltd was founded in 2005. Since Rhine Elevator entered the Chinese market in 1998, it mainly targets the Chinese market and aims to localize its manufacture and service based on the German core technology and quality. The business philosophy of Suzhou Rhine Lift also adheres to that of its Germany counterpart: to compete through its quality and to gain the market through its service. Thus, it has kept innovating and won several first prizes in the lift industry, which are all great achievements. 

Suzhou Rhine Elevator Manufacture Co., Ltd plans to cover an area of 156 mu, including 60 000 ㎡ of plant and development laboratory. It plans an annual output of 20 000 lifts. The lift testing tower is used for developing and testing super high-speed lifts, new type lifts, inclined lifts and so on.

Suzhou Rhine Elevator pursues consistently the order and safety in production, the application and conversion of high-tech products as well as the convenience and humanization of its service. The company concentrates on the products of mid to high-end configuration as well as the promotion strategy of high quality service, which contributes to numerous international and domestic prizes along with praise from clients.

With its increase in company performance and expansion of its market, Suzhou Rhine Elevator Manufacture Co., Ltd is progressing in the diversification of product types and classification. The company has a variety of product series, including high-speed lift, escalator, moving walkway, special type lift like inclined lift, home lift, goods lift, bed lift, car lift and so forth.

Choosing Rhine means choosing the German quality and service, choosing Rhine also means choosing a reliable business partner.