About Us

1905 Mr. Kurt Hermann started the business of Rhine Lift in Leipzig.

1917 The first induced two-speed tower lift was developed.

1939 The development of progressive safety gear was finished.

1956 The cooperation with Siemens perfected the direct current speed control technique.

1965 The thyristor controlled speed adjustable lift was developed and applied in hospitals.

1972 The electric valve hydraulic lift was developed.

1975 The company relocated to Korbach and entered a new era of company development.

1981 The adoption of a new control technique enabled the development of 16 bit all computer modular control system on the basis of 32 bits

single broad computer, which opened a new era of full collective selective control lift.

1987 The installation of position encoder at over-speed governor enabled the precise positioning of cabin.

1989 The all-glass lift passed the test and was certified by TüV, which symbolled a revolution of car wall material. In the same year, the Global

panoramic lift was designed and applied in Cologne.

1990 The CAN-BUS serial communication technique was indroduced to keep pace with the latest technology.

1991 The scan-round of information flow was realized. The closed loop operation ensured the lift safety.

1994 The traditional turbine worm technology was replaced by the planetary gear technology for the first time, which was a great success.

1997 The Gleason miling technology was applied for the first time in the development of wave-shaped-gear lift, which made lift with small machine

room possible.

1998 Lifts of Rhine were applied in the Great Hall of People and the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall in China. Other national projects followed since


2002 Rhine was the first to be authenticated as the green and environmental lifts by the Chinese Ministry of Construction.

2003 The machine-roomless lift was designed as a wall-hanging type, which enhanced the safety performance and adaptability of this kind.

2005 Rhine Elevator established the manufacture base in China.

2006 The inclined high speed lift was designed anew and was applied for the first time in China (in Famen Temple,145 m) in 2008.

2008 The driving and operating system based on the 32 bits CPU was developed and put into mass production.

2010 Patented techniques like new type high speed passenger lift and new type intelligent controller were applied to enhance the quality of Rhine‘s


2012 Suzhou Rhine Elevator was awarded as the high and new tech enterprise.

2015 The Hongkong Discovery Bay Project was awarded by the World Association of Lift with the international first prize for special model lift 2015.

Rhine was rewarded as the Famous Brand Product of Jiangsu Province.

In 2016, Rhine was awarded by Jiangsu Province Administration, naming Rhine as a key leader in the elevator industry.In the same year, Rhine's R&D project "Large Span Inclined Lifts for Rail Transit" was sponsored by Jiangsu Province Administration, in order that technical research results can be applied to the industry.

In 2017, the new testing tower was completed,which covers the testing range from vertical lift, inclined lift to mechanical parking equipment.

In 2018, Rhine was awarded the Elevator World Project of the Year 2018 for its project at the Taipa Houses-Museum in Macao.