• Large Capacity Range

    The rated capacity of passenger lift ranges from 320 to 1600 kg, the rated speed is between 0.4 and 7.0 m/s. But we can also adjust the range according to the requirement of clients.

    Diversified Car and Landing Door Decoration

    Our clients have an extensive choice of decoration design as well as material, which can match different styles of buildings.

  • Advanced Control System

    Double 32 bits intelligent control system; VVVF-variable frequency drive; CAN-BUS serial

    communication technique; intelligent group control dispatching system.

    Various Functions

    Our clients can select and adjust the specific functions according to different demands, which contributes to better comfort and management efficiency.

    Stable Door System

    Micro programming, variable voltage inverter and self-learning function ensure great stability and sensibility of the door system.

  • Passenger lifts are applied in residences, business buildings and hotels.