• The rated capacity of panoramic lift ranges from 630 to 1600 kg; the rated speed is between 0.5 and 2.5 m/s. It can meet the need of all kind of malls, hotels, office buildings and other buildings.

    Elegant Design

    Besides the classic round and hexagon transparent car, we have a variety of design and can even adjust according to the requirement of clients.

  • The Combination of Practicability and Comfort

    VVVF-variable frequency drive, digital traction and low-noise module contributes to better comfort and quiet during the running. Intelligent door control system and unique car decoration bring about great convenient and comfortable passenger experience.

    High-efficiency Group Control System

    The principle of people orientation is one of the major driving force for our innovation. The intelligent group control system improved by our experts increases greatly the running efficiency and reduces the waiting time of passengers.

  • Panoramic lift can be applied in shopping malls, hotels, business buildings and other large buildings.