• The bed lift of Rhine features its steadiness, quiet, low-noise, brightness and comfort, which reflects our concern for patients and their family members.

  • VVVF (variable voltage variable frequency) Control System

    The VVVF Control System is especially applied for bed lifts in order to achieve the most fluent speed control. The control of door system is also extremely sensitive and steady because of the VVF control system.

    Intelligent Group Control

    The data for the traffic situation in the building are automatically saved in the system. Based on its intelligent analysis and judgement, it will adopt the best service programmer, which reduces the waiting time of passengers and optimizes the usage rate of every lift.

    Precise Data Net

    Bed Lift has a precise data net, which helps to control the computer flexibly through the computers all over the whole lift. The data net simplified the adjustment program and makes the running more flexible, which can meet the constantly changing needs of passengers better.

  • Bed lift can be applied in hospitals and other medical institutes.