• With the rated speed between 0.5 m/s and 0.75 m/s and the transportation capacity between 3600 and 8200 people per hour, our escalator are applied in airports, undergrounds, railway stations, shopping malls and hotel.


    The various handrails and side boards match well with all kinds of places and environments. The application of high-precision gear reducer, noise-proof step driving sprocket, guide rail on other advanced equipment makes Rhine’s escalators steady, low-noise and comfortable.

  • Reliability

    In order to ensure safety during the running of escalators, we considered the possible problems and dangerous factors and designed several measures to stop the running in emergency circumstances.

    Energy and Space Efficiency

    The application of high-precision gear reducer, special chain supports and guide rails helps to reduce energy loss through friction and thus the energy consumption. Compared to traditional escalators, we can save up to 30% of energy. Besides, the escalators lower than 6 m don’t need intermediate supports because of its intensity and structure, which saved much space.

    Convenient Maintenance

    The vertical driving device provides great convenience for the maintenance. The new handrail driving device makes the replacement of spare parts easier. The automatic lubrication device replaced the manual lubrication and improved the lubrication efficiency, which also increases the service life of escalators.

  • Escalators can be applied in airports, undergrounds, railway stations, pedestrian bridges, shopping malls and hotels.