• Inclined lift is invented in 1907/1908. During the past 100 years, the technology of inclined lift has been improved by generations of engineers. Besides, the application of inclined lift has also been promoted.

    There was no testing standard for inclined lift in Europe but the guide specifications of Germany. The European Parliament passed the standard for inclined lift EN81-pro22 on 19th, June, 1995.

    With more and more needs for ascending, the technology of inclined lift goes from Germany to Switzerland, Europe and even the world. The first application of inclined lift in Asian is the Soul Underground Project in Korea; the first application of inclined lift in China is the Fame Temple Project by Suzhou Rhine.

  • In the Famen Temple Project, Rhine applied several patent technology in the inclined lift, to make a unique transportation system for the dagoba. The inclined lift in Famen Project war awarded by the world elevator association with the International First Price of Special Type Elevator 2010.

  • The concrete parameters are depended on the actual situation of terrain and the requirements of our client.

  • Rhine's inclined lift is mainly applied in special form buildings, undergrounds, railway stations, ports and scenic districts, in order to solve the transportation problem of special population.