• LC series moving walk provides great comfort and convenience for people in shopping malls, airports and other places. It can not only fulfill the needs of mass transportation, but also solve the problem of long distance walking and transporting luggage, baby carriage, shopping cart and wheelchair.

  • Space-saving

    Rhine’s moving walk has a compact structure and flexible design. It adapts to different layouts of buildings and can thus save architectural space to a large degree. The clients can choose either horizontal or inclined type according to specific conditions.

    Stable and reliable

    Stable and reliable investment: The step board is directly connected with the drive chain, so the moving walk runs more steady and quietly, which contributes also to a longer serve life and a more convenient maintenance. The specially designed large roller handrail drive runs with low noise and large driving force, which improves the running condition of handrail and brings about a longer service life. The unique structure of truss with a large load capacity improves the steadiness of the machine greatly and also guarantees a longer service life.

    Elegant color matching

    With adequate choices of handrail designs, the machine can meet the unique requirements for different environments. The repousse front board and stainless steel inner and outer covering plate reflect the high quality of the machine.

    More economical

    The advanced manufacture technology improves the performance of the machine greatly and expands the service life. It can save the energy and running cost of our clients due to the frequency conversion technology.

  • Can be applied in shopping malls, airports, railway stations and many other places.